Pittman Family 1660 Genealogy

Griffith Morgan 2 A canoeist cruises across Shawnee Lake with shrubs in the foreground and a mountain in the background at Shawnee.
Richard Pitman II 1660 NJ - Died Pensawkin Creek Area, NJ).

in 1693 (nj) richard married
anna pitman (born 1672 NJ)
Our story begins with patriarch Richard Pitman II  (born 1660 NJ)
of Pennsauken Creek, Burlington County, New Jersey.
Pennsauken Creek is S.E. of Philadelphia, across the Delaware River.
(His ancestors probably came  England.)
In 1693 in NJ, Richard Pitman married Anna Pitman (born 1672 NJ). They had three children (William and twins Sarah and Richard). We trace our lineage through Richard II's son, Richard Pitman III. (born 1695 NJ - Died Pensawkin Creek Area, NJ) and his wife Charity Danford (Born 1700 NJ - Died 10/10/1805 Monmouth, Bedford PA). "Pittman" is an English surname. Oliver Pittman always said the family came from England, and now we have proof.

In Ancestry.com, I traced Richard Pittman II back in time to his father Richard PIttman I (29 Nov 1618 Rye, East Sussex, England. He married a Gertrude who was born about 1620. He died 1707 in Salem Co, New Jersey Colony.

Richard Pittman II's father was Thomas Pyttman II, born 1598 in Rye, East Suxxes, England, married a Magdalen, and died 1647 in Dubleton, Gloucestershire, England.

Thomas Pyttman's father was Thomas Pyttman I, born 1564 in Briton, Gloucestershire, Englad, married Kateryn Tomson born 1540, and he died 1604 in Dumbleton, Gloucestershire, England.

Thomas Pyttman I's father was Peter Pyttman, born 1520 England, married Elizabeth Williams (1522-1605), died 1612 Northampton, Northamptonshire, England.

Peter Pyttman's father was Richard Pytman, born 1500 England, died 1596 Sherborne, Somerset, England (wife unknown).

Richard Pytman's father was Robart Pytman, born 1480 in Evercreech Parish, Somerset, England, died about 1599 (wife unknown).
Pennsauken, NJ locator map
The earliest Pitman ancestors in the United States were among the first colonists of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We can be certain that they were adventurers. We do not know Richard or Anna Pitman's parents' story, but we can be fairly certain that they died in New Jersey. The country of their ancestor's origin was most likely Great Britain. Immigrants from this time included "persons of quality, religious exiles and Quaker followers of William Penn who arrived in the late 1600s, political rebels, serving men sold for a term of years, apprentices, stolen children, maidens pressed" and others who went from Great Britain to the American Plantations 1600-1700.

European nations came to the Americas to increase their wealth and broaden their influence over world affairs. The Spanish were among the first Europeans to explore the New World and the first to settle in what is now the United States. By 1650, however, England had established a dominant presence on the Atlantic coast.

The first colony was founded at Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607. Many of the people who settled in the New World came to escape religious persecution. The Pilgrims, founders of Plymouth, Massachusetts, arrived in 1620. In both Virginia and Massachusetts, the colonists flourished with some assistance from Native Americans. New World grains such as corn kept the colonists from starving while, in Virginia, tobacco provided a valuable cash crop.

In 1684, Indian Chief Tallaca agreed to sell the land along Pennsauken Creek and release all claims to it. European observers who first arrived on these shores described the Lenape (lun-NAH-pay) Indians as a handsome people, slender but strong and well-proportioned, and of varying heights, some of them quite tall. Their skin was a yellowish complexion, ranging from almost white to the color of brass. Their heads were covered with coarse, black hair, which the men cut into shocks or a scalp lock and ornamented with shell beads. The women braided their long hair and dressed it with bear grease. The summer attire of men and women was simply a loincloth of deerskin. In winter, they wore a cloak-like garment of animal fur. Moccasins, usually of deerskin but made sometimes from corn husks, protected their feet. On festive occasions, the beardless faces and smooth bodies of the braves were painted with lines and circles of black, red, and green. The paints were made from clays ground in small mortars with a pestle. Always there was the wampum, the sign of wealth, worked into strings that hung from the braves’ necks, dangled from their wrists and shoulders, and encircled their foreheads and waists. Hanging also from their necks were their paahras, or sacred charms, and down their backs bags containing such necessities as food, money, tobacco, pipes, and, when hunting, their bows and arrows, The women were equally fond of beaded necklaces and bracelets, but to the male went the prize for vanity. The Lenape Indians long played a version of football which differs markedly from the football game known to non-Indians. In the Lenape football game, men are pitted against the women in a very rough-and-tumble game.

By the early 1700s enslaved Africans made up a growing percentage of the colonial population. By 1770, more than two million people lived and worked in Great Britain's 13 North American colonies. Pennsauken Creek was essential for transportation, and its banks were the sites of various enterprises, including a colonial plantation. From the early 1700s through the 1800s, the area was one of vast farms and orchards.

Historic sites in PA within five miles of Pennsauken NJ include the house rented by famous American flag seamstress Betsy Ross from 1773-1786, the Declaration House (a reconstruction of the Graff house in which Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence), Independence Hall (where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were adopted), and the Liberty Bell in Independence National Park. These national shrines would have come to importance during the lives of Richard and Anna Pittman's son Richard and his wife Charity Danford Pittman, as well as those of his grandson William and Hannah Kemble Pittman.
Independence Hall Liberty Bell
Betsey Ross' flag; Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell in Independence Park

richard pitman II and anna pitman
had three children, all born in new jersey:
children william, sarah, and richard III.
In 1693 in NJ, Richard Pitman married Anna Pitman born 1672 NJ). The children of Richard (1660) and Anna Pitman:

#1: William Pitman (perhaps born 1697 NJ) - no other info

#2: Sarah Pitman (Born 1695 Salem, NJ). In 1714 in Salem NJ, Sarah married Zachariah Bartleson (Born 12/12/1691 Penns Neck, Salem NJ - Died 4/28/1729
      Penns Neck, Salem NJ). Zachariah and Sarah Pittman Bartleson's children were born in Penns Neck, Salem NJ:
    ▪ William Bartleson (Born 9/12/1714 - Died 1750)
    ▪ Richard Bartleson (Born 1/20/1717 - Died 2/1787 Rowan NC); married Jane Grooms, had 8 children.
    ▪ Ana Bartleson (Born 1719)
    ▪ Johannes Bartleson (Born 9/17/1721)
    ▪ Zachariah Bartleson (Born 9/24/1724)

#3: Richard Pitman III. (Sarah's twin brother, born 1695 Salem, NJ - Died 1802 Bedford, Fulton PA). Richard married Charity Danford (Born 1700 NJ - Died 10/10/1805 Monmouth, Bedford PA). They married about 1717 in Mount Holly, Burlington NJ, four children listed below after a brief history section. Richard Pitman Jr. is our ancestor and will be traced in detail further down this page.

Charity's father was Samuel Danford (Born 1683-1745 Maidenhead,Hunterdon,NJ).
Charity's mother was probably either Alice Bingham (1683-1714 hesterfield,Burlington,NJ) or Mary Wright (Born about 1681). Samuel Danford's great great great grandmother Elizabeth Symmes (1596-1628 Suffolk, England) had famous relatives.
Her 6th great grandson was James Garfield (1831-1881) the 20th President;
another 6th great grandson was American author O. Henry (born Sydney Porter);
an 8th great granddaughter was American Gourmet Chef, Julia Child (1912-2004).]
In his will Samuel Danford names Richard Pittman as executor of the estate, with a William Watson (possibly a son-in-law of Sarah (Hadden) Clevenger. Watson and James Clarke as Witnesses. The will stated that the witnesses and executor are Quakers. Samuel's will names sons William, Samuel, Aaron and James, son-in-law Richard Pittman, a granddaughter Mary Pittman. This Mary is believed to be the wife of Abraham Clevenger. This introduces the name of Danford into both the Clevenger and Pittman families. With all of the above "coincidences," it is very possible that the Clevengers and Pittmans were friends in New York and England. They may have come to America at the same time, or they may have arrived at different times. However, there were Clevengers and Pittmans in Devonshire, England, and they are also found in New York, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania. While the "coincidences" could mean nothing, it could mean the families have been acquainted with each other since the 1600's. At the time of this writing, the above stated "coincidences" seem to be very definite possibilities. Samuel probably was a Quaker.

Found in State Library in Trenton, NJ.
The year of our Lord on Thousand Seven hundred forty five, I SAMUEL DANFORD of Maidenhead in the County of Hunters.... Item I give to my son William Danford five shillings. Item give to my son Samuel Danford all my waring close and my saddle and boots and ... twenty shillings. Item I give unto my son James Danford three pounds. Item I give unto my granddaughter Mary Pittman my bed and furniture. Item and I give the remainder of my estate equally amongst all my grandchildren excepting my granddaughter Mary Pittman and I appoint my son in law Richard Pittman to be my whole and soul executor of this my last will and testament.
1745, April 6, Danford, Samuel, of Maidenhead, Hunterdon co., yeoman: will of.
Sons, William, Samuel and James, and Samuel's two sons. Granddaughter, Mary Pittman. Son-in-law Richard Pittman, executor, he to receive "my son Aaron's clothing.
Witnesses - William Watson and James Clarke.
Proved 6 July 1746. Witnesses and executor Quakers.
Vol 30: NJ Archives pg. 131: Calendar of Wills 1730-1750
The Pitmans came from Burlington County, New Jersey, to Bedford County, Pennsylvania, (outlined in purple on the map below), to settle near the Maryland border along the Tonoloway Creek about 1753. Tonoloway Creek is a tributary of the Potamac River in the states of Maryland and Pennsylvania. (The area is now Fulton County, Pennsylvania, which was organized about 1850.)
Location of Fulton County in Pennsylvania
History of Bedford County from 1750-1802 when some of our Pitman ancestors lived there, will give an understanding of the physical and political environment of the times: In 1750 Robert MacRay opened the first trading post in Raystown (which is now Bedford) on the land that is now Bedford County. The settlers had a difficult time dealing with raids from Indians and the fighting between the French and the British. In 1759 after the capture of Fort Duquesne in Allegheny County, a road was built between the fort (which was renamed to Fort Pitt) to the newly built Fort Bedford in Raystown. The road turned from Indian trails into "Forbes Road", and still later into the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Bedford County was created on March 9, 1771 from part of Cumberland County, named in honor of the Fort Bedford. The area quickly increased in population once safety became more established. The land with its lush farmland and woodland became an attractive site. It also formed an important center on the way to Pittsburgh and farther west of Pennsylvania. George Washington stayed in the county in response to the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794. The Bedford Springs Hotel became an important site for the wealthy. Under President James Buchanan,
the hotel became the summer White House. The U.S. Supreme Court met at the hotel once. It was the only time that the high court met outside of the Capital.
The Revolutionary Era began in 1763, when the military threat to the colonies from France ended and Britain imposed a series of taxes which the colonists thought were illegal. After protests in Boston the British sent combat troops; the Americans mobilized their militia and fighting broke out in 1775. Although Loyalists were about 15-20% of the population, the Patriots usually controlled 80-90% of the population, for the British could only hold a few coastal cities. The only son of Benjamin Franklin, William Franklin served as Royal Governor of New Jersey during the critical years between 1762 and 1776. An ardent Loyalist, William split with his father over their political differences in the early days of the Revolution, and after enduring two years of imprisonment, became a leader in the Loyalist cause. He settled in London in 1782, where he worked as an agent for Loyalist claims.

In this period, the 13 Colonies rebelled and entered into the American Revolutionary War against the British between 1775-1783, which culminated in American independence in 1776 and an allied victory. The Americans formed an alliance with France in 1778 that evened the military and naval strengths. France played key roles in aiding the newfound Americans financially and in providing munitions as well as sending an army and a fleet that played decisive roles at Yorktown. Two main British armies were captured at Saratoga in 1777 and Yorktown in 1781, leading to peace with the Treaty of Paris in 1783, with the recognition of the United States as an independent nation. The height of the Revolution came in 1776, with the unanimous Declaration of Independence by the 13 states which formed the United States of America.
richard pitman III and charity danford
had fivechildren, all born in new jersey:
william, richard III, benjamin, mary nad perthenia
Richard Pitman III born 1695 Salem, NJ - died 1802 Bedford, Fulton PA in 1717 married Charity Danford (born 1700 NJ - Died 10/10/1805 Monmouth, Bedford PA). Richard Jr. was a Quaker. Died at age 107. This Pittman family was known for its longevity. Richard Jr. (1695) and Charity Danford Pitman's children, born in New Jersey:

#1 William Pitman born 1717 NJ - Died 12/1824 Bedford, Fulton PA)
On 11/4/1741 William married Hannah Kimble (Born 1720 Burlington NJ - Died 1776 Bedford, Fulton PA and the widow of Samuel Loker) at Mt. Holly, Burlington Co, New Jersey. He served in the Revolutionary War (Service Source, Bedford Library: 1st Battalion, Bedford Militia, Pvt William Pittman serving under Captain Jacob Hendershot 1/9/1777 to 3/10/1777.) William and Hannah had seven children who are listed in the next section, as we trace our ancestry through William and Hannah. [Hannah KEMBLE was first married to Samuel Loker on 11/5/1730 in Burlington Co. NJ, no record of death for Samuel but it had to be before 1741. After Hannah died, William married Esther Stillwell and they had two more children, Richard and Esther or Hester.]
William Pittman died at the advanced age of 107. Both Hannah and William are buried at Sideling Hill Cemetery in Fulton Co. PA.
william is our ancestor and his story will be detailed further down this page.

#2 Richard Pittman III (Born 1727 NJ - Died 5/11/1827 Bedford PA)
It is said that he was the first to use the double 'T's in Pittman to distinguish himself from Richard Sr. and Richard Jr. Richard also served in the Revolutionary War, same unit as his brother William noted above.
In 1740 in Bedford PA, Richard married Charity Truax (Born 1728 NJ - Died 10/10/1805 Bedford, Fulton, PA), at the age of 101. Richard is buried in Baptist Church Cemetery, Sideling Hill, Fulton Co. PA.
Source, Harry Stuart Holman, M.A., History of Tonoloway Baptist Church (1980):
The Konoloway Church, later called Tonoloway, was organized in 1752 by Elder Samuel Heaton, who had settled near there and baptized seven persons. The Indians drove many of the members from their homes and scattered them. The church's first meeting house was a log structure, 18 by 22 feet in dimensions, built in 1752, on a lot of 50 acres in what is now known as Thompson township. "Richard Pittman III and Charity Truax Pittman, his wife, were among the early members of Tonoloway Baptist Church. Charity was baptized in September of 1771. The records show that she and her husband, Richard, were transferred to the Sideling Hill Church in 1790, being among those citizens who constituted that church with ten charter members—Samuel Truax, Sarah Truax, John Truax, Jane Truax, Richard Pittman, Charity Pittman, Richard Truax, Ruth Truax, Sarah Mellott, and Cathrine Rush, all of whom had formerly been members of the Tonoloway Church. The tax records show Richard living in Belfast Township. He served during the American Revolution in Captain Hendershot's Company "A" of the Bedford County Militia. The Sideling Hill Church records show that his wife Charity died October 10, 1805, and that he died May 11, 1827, at which time he would have been at a very advanced age. He probably had a number of children; however, we can be sure of the fact that he did have a son Benjamin (1765-1852), mentioned above. If Richard was thirty when this son was born, that would have made him about ninety-two at his death. These Pittmans were known for their longevity."

Surnames of members in the Tonoloway Baptist Church: Akers, Bailey, Barton, Cattlet, Clark, Correll, Dishong, Evans, Everts, Garland, Greenland, Hart, Hockensmith, Hollenshead, Horton, Kline, Lake, McCormel, Mellott, Morgret, Ockerman, Palmer, Peck, Pitman, Powell, Runyan, Rush, Singletaker, Sipe, Starr, Strait, Truax, Vancleave, Vanskyke, Varns, Whitefield, Wink, Wright (list not yet completed).

Children are:
▪ Ruth Pittman (1740 NJ-12/6/1819 Fulton Co. PA) married Jacob Truax on 11/3/1769, son of LaRue Jacob Truax and Rebecca Abigail Stillwell;
▪ Jane Pittman (1745, Woodbridge NJ-4/17/1819 Bedford Co. PA, buried at Sideling Hill PBCC, Needmore, Fulton Co. PA) married John J. Truax (1740 NJ-11/17/1807 Bedford PA) in 1765, son of LaRue Jacob Truax and Rebecca Abigail Stillwell; the children of Jane and John Truax were Obediah 1764-1814, Richard 1772, Bethenia 2/17/1776-3/12/1851, Anne 12/17/1776, Rebeka 1780, Elizabeth 1782, Jean 1784, Samuel M. 1784-1863, Sarah 4/9/1785-5/9/1849, Jacob 5/2/1787-7/20/1874, and John 4/15/1794-1/7/1875;
▪ Richard Pittman IV (1752 Woodridge NJ-1830 Bedford, Fulton PA) married Elizabeth Truax;
▪ Joseph Pittman (1753 NJ-6/11/1829 Nelson Co. KY) married Rebecca Graham (1755-1783) about 1775, married Meriam Coombs (1753-8/13/1829) between 1784-1794;
▪ Joshua Pittman (1760 Woodridge NJ-1823 Bedford, Fuller NJ) married Mary Stanley;
▪ Mary Pittman (1761 Woodridge NJ-1854)
▪ Benjamin Pittman (3/13/1765 Woodridge, NJ-12/18/1852 Fulton Co. PA) in 1784 in Fulton PA married Elizabeth Smart (3/18/1768 PA-8/6/1851 Thomson, Fulton PA). Their children were Rachel (2/9/1785 Fulton PA-1865 Fulton PA) who married William Truax (1781-1867), Joseph B. (1793 Bedford PA-2/7/1863 Fulton PA) who married Sarah Hager (1794-1829), William (9/8/1795 Bedford PA-7/7/1876 Montgomery, Franklin PA) and married Sophie Gutsall (1817-1872), Elizabeth (3/10/1798-8/10/1857 Fulton PA) who married Jacob Hauger (1798), Margaret (1799 Bedford PA), Rebecca (4/14/1803 Bedford PA-1823 Thompson, Fulton PA) who married David Phenice, Benjamin (5/14/1805 Brush Creek Twp, Bedford Co. PA-1/15/1885 Fulton PA) who married Elizabeth Linn (1811-1900), John (1808 Bedford PA-1860 Bucyrus Twp., Crawford OH) who married Louisa Rogers (1815), Mary (3/28/1811 Bedford PA-5/2/1893 Thomson, Fulton PA).

"Benjamin Pittman joined the church in May of 1800. He was the son of Richard and Charity Pittman. His wife's name was Elizabeth. She lived from 1768 to 1851. Pittman was born in New Jersey and lived most of his life in Thompson Township. He died there December 18, 1852, aged eighty-seven years, nine months, and five days old, and was buried at home. It seems impossible to accurately compile a complete list of their children. However, we have already established the fact that he had a daughter Elizabeth (1798 - 1857), who was the first wife of Jacob Hauger, Esq. Benjamin had a daughter, Mary (1811 - 1893), husband Samuel Simpson. There was a son Joseph. From the fact that Rebecca Phenice (1803 - 1823) was buried with the Pittmans, we assume that she also was a member of this family. Besides these mentioned, Mrs. Jeanette Gordon of McConnellsburg stated that the other children included: William, Margaret, John, Benjamin Jr., and Rachel (Mrs. William Truax)." The Pittmans are buried at Simpson Family Cemetery, Thompson Twp., Fulton Co PA. Click Here to view source.

Benjamin Pittman
(1730 NJ-12/18/1852 Thomas, Fulton PA) married Elizabeth Linn.

mary Pittman
(Born 10/10/1734 Burlington NJ - Died 10/10/1819 Bedford, Fulton, PA) married Abraham Clevenger (1734-1824) on 3/9/1760 in Monmouth NJ.
Children are:
▪ Parthenia (1761-1850 Bedford PA)
▪ Ruth (1764 NJ)
▪ Catherine (12/11/1767-6/27/1840 Bedford PA) who married Daniel Daniels (11/23/1763 NJ-9/4/1849 Bedford PA
▪ Aaron (1/12/1771 Bedford PA-1840 Bedford PA) who married Parthenia R. Truax (10/21/1783 Belfast, Bedford PA-1/21/1835 Warfordsburg, Bedford, PA) in 1799
▪ William (5/26/1773 Shendoah VA-11/12/1832 Bedford PA) married Charity McClury (1/18/1777 Bedford PA-10/28/1854 Bedford PA)
▪ Abraham Jr. (6/20/1777 Bedford PA-5/25/1846 Belfast, Bedford PA) married Rachel Sampson (4/6/1779 Bedford PA-2/12/1861 Fulton PA) in 1797
▪ John (1778 Belfast, Bedford PA-1840 Bedford PA)

perthenia pittman (also known as bethenia)
(Born 33/1742 Monmouth NJ - Died 10/31/1781 Belfast, Bedford PA) She married Benjamin B. Truax (11/25/1731 Monmouth Co., NJ - 5/10/1801 Fulton Co., PA) who served in the American Revolution.
Children are:
▪ William (1762 NJ-1835 Owen Co., IN) who married Alice Coombs.
▪ Samuel (3/1/1764 Tin Ton Falls, Monmouth Co., NJ-6/17/11849 Gildead Twp, Morrow Co, OH) who married Elizabeth Palmer. He moved to OH about 1820.
▪ Rebecca (3/5/1769  PA-9/4/1844 Owen Co., IN) who married Rev. John Mugg. She moved to Nelcon Co., KY about 1799 and to Owen Co., IN after 1799.
▪ Benjamin (4/24/1774 PA-7/3/1846 Fulton Co., PA) married Ebediah Palmer. He served in War of 1812.
▪ Elias (1775 PA-10/10/1786)
▪ Parthenia Rachel (10/21/1781 PA-1/21/1835 Bedford Co, PA) married Aaron Clevenger, son of Abraham Clevenger and Mary Pitman.
Abraham TRUAX Family Tree
william pittman and hannah kimble
had six children born in various states:
mary, parthenia, psyche, sarah, obadiah and elias sr.
william Pittman (born 1717 NJ - Died 12/1824 Licking Creek, Bedford, Fulton PA) On 11/4/1741 at Mt. Holley, Burlington NJ, William married Hannah Kimble
(Born 1720 Burlington NJ - Died 1776 Bedford, Fulton PA).
(*William had a first marriage to Esther Stilwell, children Richard and Hester (or Ester.)
Hannah Kimble married Samuel Locker 11/5/1730 in Mount Holly, Burlington Co. NJ. She married William Pittman 11/4/1741 in Mt. Holley, Burlington Co.
William was a Revolutionary War Veteran from Bedford Co., PA.
William Pitman grave marker at Sidling Hill Baptist Cemetery
in Bedford, Pennsylvania. Photo of Jerry Beehler (William's great-great-grandson)
in the Cemetery by the tombstone.
[SIDE NOTE on Hannah Kemble's family:

Hannah's mother was Mary Hill (born 1670 Burlington NJ - Died 10/1697 Burlington, NJ).
Hannah's father was Samuel Kemble (born 10/10/1667 London, Middlesex, England - Died 3/2/1729 Burlington NJ). Samuel's ancestry can be traced on Ancestry.com back to Thomas Kembold (Born 1370 Hitcham, Suffolk, England - Died 11/5/1453 Hitcham, Suffolk, England).

Samuel Kemble was a man of great political stature in London. His great great grandmother Margaret Munning (1545-1582) was the 6th great grandmother of Mary Baker Eddy (American author, teacher and founder of Christian Science), the 7th grandmother of Grace Coolidge (First Lady), the 8th grandmother of Lou Hoover (First Lady), the 9th grandmother of Edith Roosevelt (First Lady), and the 9th great grandmother of John Steinbeck, American author who won the Nobel Prize for Literature as well as the Pulitzer Prize. Two of his most famous works are The Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men.

Samuel and Mary Kemble's daughters married men whose ancestry can be traced back to England in 1000-1300 A.D. Samuel's 1729 Will named his children as found on Ancestry.com as heirs and confirmed their spouse's names:
Thomas Kimble 10/8/1697-1766 Northampton, Burlington NJ) married Mary Collins (1696-1766), the 7th great grandmother of John Alden (1599-1687) who came to America on the Mayflower and signed the Mayflower Compact.
Sarah Kemble (1698-1749 Evesham, Burlington NJ) married Benjamin Allen.
Ann Kemble (1700-1749, married George Elkington 1698-1729. George's grandfather George was the 7th great grandfather of Barbara Pierce Bush, wife of President George Bush, mother of President of George Bush.).
Elizabeth Mary Kemble (1700-1719 Northampton, Burlington NJ) married John Collins (1690-1761).
Mary Kemble (1708-1736 NJ) married Thomas Elkington (1704-1736).
Hannah Kemble (Born 1720 Burlington NJ - Died 1776 Bedford PA) married William Pittman (Born 1717 - Died 1824).
William and Hannah Kemble Pittman had a son Elias Pittman Sr. (Born 7/20/1765 PA - Died 3/14/1839 OH).]
Elias Pittman Sr. is our ancestor and his story will be explained later on this page.

The children of William (1717, son of richard jr.) and Hannah Kimble Pittman:

#1: Mary Pittman
(10/10/1734 Monmouth, Burlington Co. NJ-10/10/1819 Bedford Co. PA) on 3/9/1760 married Abram or Abraham Clevenger (1741 NJ) on 3/9/1760 in Monmouth Co. NJ. She was named in her maternal grandfather's will in 1745. Abraham and Mary are both buried at the Sideling Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, in Fulton Co. PA. (Abraham and Mary may have lived briefly in Virginia since their son William identified Virginia as his place of birth. However, Virginia claimed the southwest corner of Pennsylvania and the line was not settled until 1779.)
Abraham Clevenger Headstone
The known children of Abraham and Mary Pittman Clevenger are:
▪ Parthenia Clevenger (1760 NJ-1850 Bedford PA) married John Crossman, son of Thomas Crossman, around 1784 in Shenandoah VA. John served in the Rangers in Bedford Co. PA under Capt. John Boyd in 1781 and in the Militia in 1782. In 1808, he resided in Belfast Twp., Bedford Co. (Now Fulton) Pennsylvania and had 268 acres of land patent; 3 horses, 3 cattle valued at $173.00. In 1824 John Crosson wrote his will which was filed for probate on 28 August 1826 in Bedford Co., PA. Children were William, Thomas and Prudence. Prudence married John Clevenger (b. 10/12/1797 PA) and their children were Samuel (b. 1823 Bedford PA, married a Charity) and Ezeriah (b. 1825 Bedford PA).
▪ Ruth Clevenger (1764 NJ) married Joseph Vanshike (1784 Bedford Co. PA). In 1798 they were living in Belfast Twp., Bedford Co. PA in a house sized 22' X 18'; a stable valued at $60.00 on 160 acres of land valued at $310.00 The tax records show that they lived next to Ruth's sister Parthenia and her husband John Crossman.
▪ Catherine Clevenger (12/11/1767 NJ-6/27/1840 Bedford Co. PA) on 5/17/1786 Bedford Co. PA married Daniel Daniels, son of Edward Daniels and Thankful Daniels. Daniel Daniels (born 11/23/1763 NJ) signed his will 6/16/1846 Bedford Co. PA and died there 9/4/1850, buried near Sideling Hill on what was at that time his own land. The graves on the old home place are not marked. On 10/1/1798 Daniel, a farmer, owned 100 acres of land valued at $50.00 in Providence Twp., Bedford Co. PA. By 1808 Daniel owned in Belfast Twp., Bedford Co. PA 213 Acres Patent; 2 horses, 3 cattle; and a distillery; valued at $110.00; Taxed $1.1. From the Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files R2650, Daniel enlisted in Bedford Co. PA and his daughter Elizabeth Welch applied 1/9/1854, in Brush Creek Twp., Fulton Co. PA.

The Will of Daniel Daniels, Will Book 3, p. 469, Bedford Co., PA: of Belfast Township, Bedford County and State of Pennsylvania, farmer.
Being week of body, but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto God calling into mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament that is to say principally and first of all I give and prcommend my soul unto the hands of the Allmighty God that gave it and body. I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian burial at the discertion of my executors and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life I give demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form. First, I give and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah of my personal property one cow two Sheep and the best bed about my house with three coverlets her to have that choice of all the coverlates with two blankets and two sheets on it and all of her wearing appearel and also one chest as much of the furniture about my house as my executors think she can covently keep house with and to have a sufficientcy of grain and meat for one year after my deceased. And my son Aaron Daniels and His four children I give and bequeath unto them the sum of forty dollars to be equaly divided between them it to be paid in one year after my death which I allow it to be their full share of my estate and I give and bequeath unto my son Benjamin all my wearing appearls. And I also give unto my grandson Daniel Daniels my Bible and bound books. And it is my will that after my decease that my executors rent out my plantation from year to year or a term of year and my daughter Sarah to receive the rent of said premises during her life for the support of her natural life with my executors making some repairs to the house and on the plantation to keep them In order for renting and after my daughter Sarah 's death it is my will that my executors make sale of my plantation and the price there of to be equally divided among my children. And it is my will that after my death my executors make sale of my personal property and the money arising from said sale and the estate that I have and the cash that I have by me after my burial expenses and my lawful debts paid the aalance to be equally divided among the following named children Sarah Elizabeth Benjamin Mary Catherine John Dennis Rebecca Lydia ~~~~~ And I do here by appoint my son John Daniels and my son Dennis Daniels to be my Executors and I do hereby uterly disallow revolk and disanul all and every form and testament wills legacy bequeath and excutors by me and any _________ before named wills I bequeath ratafing and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testaments In witness where of I have sat my hand and seal this 16th day of June A.D. 1846. Daniel Daniels, Signed sealed published pronounced and declared by the said Daniel Daniels as his last will and Testament In the Presents of us who in his present and sign.

The known children of Daniel Daniels and Catherine Clevenger (noted above) were as follows:
Sarah (1/21/1787 Bedford); Aaron (11/10/1788-1/28/1844 who married Mary Mellott); Elizabeth (4/10/1792 who married Zadock Welch); Bejamin (7/31/1793 Bedford-12/30/1852 Licking Creek Twp., Fulton Co. PA) who married Magdalene Schull 1820 and Catherine Pittman 1830; Mary (12/11/1795 Bedford) who on 5/31/1812 married Jacob Hess (son of Abraham Hess and Ann Fisher); Catherine (6/23/1798 Bedford-6/27/1840) who married Jeremiah Hess (Mary's husband's brother, making the children double cousins); John (10/22/1800 Bedford-10/26/1886 Bethel Twp., Fulton Co. PA) who married Elizabeth Mann and was a farmer and an Associate Judge in Fulton Co. PA; Dennis (12/25/1802-4/22/1881 Bethel Twp.) who married Rachel Wink and after her death, Mary Ann Hill and was Sheriff of Fulton Co. PA 1856-1859, buried on the Wink Farm near Needmore PA; Rebecca (5/25/1805 Bedford-8/2/1874 Fulton Co. PA) who married Uriah Wink; Lydia (9/16/1809 Bedford-5/27/1880, married Joseph Hull and both are buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery in Fulton Co. PA;

The children of Abram or Abraham clevenger and Mary Pittman Clevenger continued:

▪ Aaron Clevenger (1771 Belfast, Bedford PA-1840 Wardfordsburg, Bedford PA) married Parthenia Truax (10/21/1783-1/21/1835 Bedford PA), the daughter of Benjamin and Perthena (Pittman) Truax of Thompson Twp., Bedford Co. PA. In 1808 he resided in Belfast Twp., Bedford County (now Fulton) Pennsylvania and had 200 acres patent; 5 horses, and 3 cattle valued at $181.00 and taxed $1.81. They are buried at the Sideling Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, in Fulton Co. PA;
▪ William Clevenger (5/26/1775 VA-11/12/1832 Fulton Co. PA) married Charity McClary (1/18/1777-10/28/1854 Fulton Co. PA). In 1808, he resided in Belfast Twp. Bedford Co. PA and had 50 acres patent; another 37 acres patent; 25 warrant; 3 horses, cow, and a distillery valued at $84.50 and taxed a total of $8.66. Their children were John, Aaron, Peter, Paul, Charity, Ann, Abraham, Benjamin Franklin, Sarah, and William K. Clevenger.
▪ Abraham Clevenger Jr. (6/20/1777 Bedford-5/25/1846) married Rachel Sampson (1779-2/12/1861) in 1797. In 1808, he also resided in Belfast Twp., Bedford Co. PA and had 200 acres patent; 300 warrant; 100 improvements valued at $188.50 and taxed $1.78.
▪ John Clevenger (1778-1840 at Belfast Twp., Bedford Co. PA) married Mary Horner (born 1762 Burlington NJ).

Children of William and Hannah Kimble Pittman continued:

Parthenia Pittman
(Born 3/16/1742 Burlington, Monmouth NJ - Died 10/31/1784 Fulton PA, buried in Tonoloway Baptist Cemetery PA with her husband). Parthenia married Benjamin Truax (Born 11/25/1731 Monmouth PA - Died 5/10/1801 Fulton PA). They had eight children:
▪ Joseph Truax (1/24/1758 Monmouth NJ-1/25/1839 Belfast, Bedford Co. PA, married Sarah Stillwell who died 1848 same place);
▪ William Truax (3/16/1762 Monmouth NH-10/10/1835 Owen IN, married Alice Coombs 3/20/1763 Fayette PA-10/4/1856 Owen Co. IN in Nelson Co. KY, daughter of Edward Coombs and Rebecca Stillwell);
▪ Samuel B. Truax (3/1/1764 Monmouth NJ-6/17/1849 Morrow OH, married Elizabeth Palmer in KY 6/12/1766-9/16/1858 in Morrow OH, daughter of John and Miriam Palmer);
▪ Rebecca Truax (3/5/1769 Monmouth NJ-9/4/1844 Owen Co. IN, married in PA John Mugg Sr. 2/5/1765-8/25/1837 Owen Co. IN);
▪ Benjamin Truax Jr. (4/24/1774 Bedford PA-7/3/1846 Bethel Twp., Bedford PA, married Ezediah Palmer 3/8/1780-3/20/1879 Thompson Twp., Fulton PA, daughter of John and Miriam Palmer);
▪ Elias Truax (10/1775 Bedford PA-10/10/1786 Bedford PA;
▪ Parthenia Rachel Truax (10/21/1783 Belfast Twp., Bedford PA-1/21/1835 Belfast Twp., Bedford PA, married her first cousin Aaron Clevenger 1771 Bedford PA-Belfast Twp., Bedford PA, son of Abraham Clevenger and Mary Pittman.
#3 Psyche Pittman (11/3/1743 Shenandoah Co. VA- Died 8/17/1847 Cocke TN).
Psyche or Syche married Thomas Clevenger (Born 10/1739 Freehold, Monmouth PA - Died 2/1810 Cocke TN, whose parents were George Clevenger and Deliverance Horner). [SIDE NOTE: Thomas' oldest documented ancestors include John Hornor, a Quaker born about 1608 in Tadchester, Yorkshire, England, who died before 4/29/1671. He was the son of Robert Hornor and married Isobel Nichols 6/10/1635 in England. Isobel Nichols was born 1611 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England to Thomas Nichols and Jane Beckwith.]
Psyche and Thomas were married 8/7/1762 in Jamestown, Shenandoah VA, and had ten children, nine of whom are identified below:
▪ Elias Clevenger (1764 Frederick, Shenandoah VA-6/17/1846 Cocke Co. TN) and on 6/6/1795 in Knoxville, Cocke Co, TN married Nancy Wood. Children: Jesse, Elizabeth, William, Allen, Sarah "Sallie", Jackson, Psyche, Alexander, Elias, Samuel, John, Archibald, Aaron, Richard. [Additional information: Alexander Clevenger's line is traced then through his son John Mack Sr. to John Mack Jr., Frederick, Robert Sr., Robert Jr., daughter Pamela Clevenger Wright to her daughter Leslie Wright who contacted Dixie on October 6, 2007 after finding this web page!]
▪ Jesse Clevenger (1766 Frederick, Shenandoah VA-11/5/1860 Richard, Ray MO) in 1804 in Richmond, Ray MO married Jane Morrison (2/17/1780 Cocke TN-2/27/1866 Richard, Ray MO), children Sarah Sally, James, Zachariah, Charles Archibald, James, Thomas, Elias, Elizabeth, Mary, Jesse, Nancy. Their father Jesse died in the Civil War in 1860;
▪ Samuel Clevenger (1767 Frederick, Shenandoah VA-6/1859 Ray Co. MO) married Alse Wheeler on 12/16/1810 in Shenandoah VA; on 3/25/1824 in Saline Co. MO he married Susan Jefferies, children Samuel and Richard Clevenger;
▪ Elsie Clevenger (1770 Frederick, Shenandoah Co. VA-1840 Ray Co. MO) on 9/29/1791 at Shenandoah, Rockingham VA married Reuben Allen (1770 Shenandoah VA-1833 Ray MO), children Abraham, Isaac, John, William, Rueben II, Thomas, Nancy, Psyche, Elizabeth, Lucinda, George W., James Madison;
▪ Richard D. Clevenger (5/1/1773-10/10/1838 Excelsior Springs, Ray Co. MO, on 6/16/1795 in Shenandoah Co. VA married Sarah Wood who was born about 1780 in Rileyville, Paige, VA, died 5/18/1845 Ray Co. MO and is buried in Old New Gardens Cemetery in Ray Co. MO. She was the daughter of John wood and Rachel Moody. Marriage was performed by Rev. John Koontz, minister of the Mill Creek and Smith Creek Primitive Baptist Churches in Shenandoah Co. VA. Richard is listed on the 1787 and 1796 tax list of Shenandoah Co. VA. He owned one male slave and one free female slave. In about 1796 Richard moved his family and parents to Cocke Co. TN. In 1818/1819 Richard and his sons John and William and his brothers Zachariah, Samuel and Jesse Clevenger moved from TN to Ray Co. MO. Family tradition maintains that these men built a boat to facilitate their journey to Missouri, and this story is repeated in the Ray County Histories and Ruth Webbs O'Dell's Books Over the Misty Blue Hills, and The Story of Cocke County, Tennessee);
▪ Zacharias (Zacharias) Clevenger (1774 Shenandoah Co. VA-6/12/1828 Ray MO) married Rebecca Pharis (born 5/10/1777 Shenandoah VA) in 1795 in Cocke TN, children Elizabeth, Polly, Ford, Rebecca, Samuel, Zachariah;
▪ John Clevenger (born about 1789 Shenandoah VA) married Betsy and had son Archibald (born 6/1811 Cocke TN);
▪ George Clevenger (1783 Rileysville, Page VA-1850 Jefferson Co. TN) in 1809 married Elizabeth Bradshaw (12/9/1793 VA-1870 Jefferson TN), children Thomas S., Benjamin, Franky Franny, Elizabeth, George W., Isaac, Duke, James K., Susan, William E., Nancy W., Patrick;
▪ Elizabeth Clevenger (born about 1784) married a Hightower;
▪ Rachel Clevenger (1785 Frederick VA-1824 Excelsior Springs, Clay, MO) in 1797 at Cocke Co. TN married Caleb Odell (1790 Shenandoah VA-10/9/1864 Excelsior Springs, Clay MO), children Nehemiah, John, Edwin, Benjamin Francis, Sara Jane, Isaac, Solomon, James, Sally Ann, Abigail, Elizabeth, Lourena, Andrew D.;

▪ Rueben Clevenger (1788 Frederick VA-1860 Taney MO) in 1810 in Taney MO married Sarah Mayberry (1791 Pittsvylania VA-1840 Taney MO), children McMillon, Martha, George, McDonald, James, Lucy, Joshua M., Braxton, Elias, Reuben.

#4 Sarah Pittman (Born 1760 in Frederick VA) Sarah married George Clevenger (1756 Frederick VA-1856 OH) on 10/16/1778 in Frederick VA. Their children:
▪ Elias Clevenger (born 1775)
▪ Uriah Clevenger (born 1775)
▪ Joshua Pitman Clevenger (4/19/1778 Frederick VA-6/29/1846 Macoupin Co. IL) who married Elizabeth Janeway (1793 SC-7/19/1866 Macoupin IL) on 10/16/1809 in Jefferson Co. TN. (Elizabeth Janeway was buried in Old Cherry Cemetery, on Otter Lane, Macoupin County, IL) Clevenger children: Saragm George, Hannah, Reuben, William, John Berry, Michael Berry, Wesley C. Elizabeth, Benjamin C.
▪ George (born 1781 Frederick Co., VA). He first married an Elizabeth, then Rachel Cooper 10/23/1797 in Frederick Co., VA.
▪ Elizabeth Clevenger (1783 Frederick VA-8/1834 Maucoupin IL) married James Bristow (1752 Tazewell VA-6/1818 Overton TN) on 4/1812. Bristow children: Isaac, Hannah, Delila, Mary, Susannah, Wesley Owen. She also married William Asberry and Benjamin Bresto.
▪ Della Clevenger (1785 Frederick VA-?) married Shedric Lee.
▪ Rueben Alnessbon Clevenger (1788 Frederick VA-1870 Taney MO) who married Sarah Mayberry (1791 Pittsylvania VA-1840 Taney MO) on 1812 in Cumberland KY and had the following children: Elizabeth, George, McDonald, James, Lucy, Joshua, Braxton, Elias, Rueben.

Obadiah Pittman (Born 1/16/1764 NJ - Died 3/28/1815 Belmont OH). On 1/16/1787 in Mercersburg, Franklin PA, he married Betheanna Truax (Born 1/1/1764 Bedord PA - Died 3/8/1833 Sunsbury, Monroe OH). They had seven children:
▪ Jacob Obediah Pittman (1788 Fulton Co. PA-1861) married Joanni (Also spelled in Census records as Ideann/Ideam) Trembly (1790-1860); children were Alfred Pittman; Nellie Pittman (died in Eddy's Ridge, Mt. Hope, Holmes Co., Ohio; Sarah Ann Pittman (5/3/1811-3/21/1875 Monroe OH); Theodore M. Pittman (1812 OH-2/24/1891 Sunsbury, Monroe OH) who married Elizabeth Ann Vanness; Elias Pittman (1815 Monroe OH-10/26/1876 Reader, Wetzel, WV) who married Elizabeth Hendershot about 1840, then Rebecca Wright about 1851; William (1817-1888 Monroe OH) who married Delilah Eddy (2/21/1825 VA11/5/1911 Monroe OH); Timothy Pittman (1817-1867 Monroe OH) who married Ruth Mellott (1819 OH); 
▪ William Pittman (1791 Belmont Co. OH-1856 Belleville, Hendricks Co. IN) married Elizabeth Jemima Rush in Monroe Co. OH (Elizabeth 1798 Belmont OH-1860 Monroe OH) and had a son Obadiah Pittman (5/8/1815 Monroe, OH-2/18/1896 W. Montgomery, IN); *William Pittman (1817-1888); Peter R. Pittman (5/27/1818 Monroe OH-5/16/1900 Belleville, Hendricks IN who married Christina McDougal); Sarah Pittman (2/4/1819 Monroe, IN-10/13/1874 Bartholomew, IN); Lavina Ruth Pittman (9/28/1821 Monroe, OH-2/10/1888 Hundred, Wetzel, WV); Isaac (4/16/1823 Monroe Co. OH-2/22/1867 Brown Co. IN) who married Eliza Jane Moore (1827-1906); Samuel Pittman (12/25/1824 Monroe, OH-1/20/1869 Monroe, OH), Hulda (1828 Monroe OH-1/9/1832 Antioch, Monroe OH); Heidi (1831 Monroe, OH-Antioch, Monroe, OH). [Their son William (1817) who married Lyda (1826 VA) had David (1845), Alexander (1847), Aley (1848), and Christy or Christina E. (1854). Then William married Delilah Eddy (1825 WV-11/5/1911 Monroe OH) and had daughters Francis (1870) and Mary J. (1865). William's daughter Christina E. married Richard Shaw (1838 OH). *[Their son William M. Shaw (1877 OH-1963) married Emma M. (1874-1959) and had these children: Mary (12/6/1905-3/12/1999 NE), and Lucy (3/13/1909-11/27/1995 NE), and son Theodore Shaw (1900-1970 who married Bertha H. 1906-1990) and had daughter Marilyn who married Ronald Pilfold. Marilyn and Ronald had Stanley, Harold, and daughter Lori Pilfold who had son with George Ike, Zach (born 1991), lives in Seward NE who sent me this information];
▪ Benjamin Pittman (1793 PA-1857 OH);
▪ Elias O. Pittman (7/5/1793 Fulton Co. PA-12/19/1861 Elkhart Co. IN, buried in Providence Cemetery). On 1/16/1815 in Monroe Co., OH, Elias O. married his first cousin Sarah Jane Pittman (7/28/1795 Bedford PA-4/7/1875 Elkhart IN, the daughter of Obadiah's brother Elias Pittman Sr. and Sarah Truex; in is will, Elias Sr. refers to Sarah Jane as his "second daughter"). One record states that Elias' middle name was Obidah, perhaps a misspelling for Obadiah;
Jonathon Pittman (5/15/1796 Fulton Co. PA-2/6/1864 Monroe Co. OH, buried East Sunsbury Cemetery Beallsville OH) on 10/15/1818 in Belmont Co. OH married Mary Van Skikes (9/1/1794-1/29/1870 Monroe OH_;
▪ Ruth Lambert Pittman (1799 Greene Co. PA-1856) on 2/22/1822 in Monroe Co. OH married Samuel Hendershot (1801 Bethel, Bedford PA) ;
▪ Sarah Pittman (1801 Fulton Co. PA- 1855) married John Palmer (3/27/1775 Bedford PA-7/21/1832 Monroe OH).

#6: Elias Pittman Sr. (Born 7/20/1765 Bedford PA - Died 3/14/1839 Morrow OH)
In 1784 he married Sarah Truax (Born 9/9/1762 Bedford PA - Died 7/9/1839 Gilead, Morrow OH). They had ten children, listed in the next section as we trace our ancestry through Elias and Sarah.

[SIDE NOTE: Sarah Jane Truex was the daughter of John Truax and Jane Pittman.]
Both Elias Sr. and Sarah Jane Truex Pittman are buried at Sunfish Cemetery in Morrow Co., OH, about three miles N.E. of Mt. Gilead OH. This tiny cemetery of eleven graves is located on what was once part of Elias Sr.'s farm at that time. Several of Elias Sr.'s family moved to Andrews County, Missouri, then to Kansas.
In the 1790 Bedford PA census, the following Pitmans are listed:
Benjamin, Elias, Joseph, Joshua, Obediah, Obediah, Richard, Richard, and William. U.S. Direct Tax 1798 for Bedford (now Fulton) Co. PA lists the following:
Ayr Twp.:  
Benjamin Pitman 14x15 log house with a 14x17 stable
Richard Pittman 16x16 log cabin
Joshua Pitman 20x24 log house
Bethel/Belfast Twp.:  
Elias Pittman 16x14 house and 100 acres
Obediah Pittman 16x14 house and 60 acres
Richard Pittman 24x20 house and 160 acres
William Pittman 16x14 house and 75 acres
Our ancestors moved to Belmont and Monroe Counties in Ohio about 1813,
then to Richland and Marion Counties in north central Ohio in 1831-1832.

elias pittman sr. and sarah truax (or truex)
had five children, all born in bedford county, pennsylvania:
elias jr., john, rebecca, jacob, joseph
Elias Pittman Sr. (Born 7/20/1765 Bedford Co., now Fulton PA - Died 3/14/1839 Morrow OH).
In 1784 he married Sarah Truax (Born 4/9/1765 Bedford Co. PA - Died 5/9/1849 Gilead, Morrow OH). In May 1806 Elias and Sarah of Belfast Twp paid $1000 for a tract of land on Conoloway Creek (later named Tonoloway) called "Pittfield" Survey on a warrant dated 9/5/1787 granted to Richard Truax, became vested to Elias Sr. to have 311 Acres. This was witnessed by Obediah Truax and John Truax Jr.

Elias Pittman Sr. and Sarah Truax Pittman are both buried at Sunfish Cemetery, Gilead Township, Morrow County, (formerly Richland County), Ohio.  A large stone marks the grave site. It is reported that this cemetery now also contains many unmarked graves from the county home for the poor.

All nine children of Elias and Sarah Jane truax Pittman were born in Bedford Co. PA:

#1 Elias Pittman Jr (Not listed in Elias Sr.'s will, reason unknown)
Born 11/17/1784 Belfast, Bedford Co. PA - Died 1861 Andrews Co., MO).
Elias married Katherine Clark (Born 8/12/1786 PA- Died ?) and had nine children:
▪ Anna Pittman (born 3/8/1807 PA-1/30/1875 Maryville, Nodaway, Missouri) married Joshua Frazee (6/11/1808 Westmoreland PA-12/22/1881 Maryville, Nodaway MO), children Ida, Alice, Joseph, Charlotte, John P., Sarah, William;
▪ Thomas Pittman
(3/28/1809 Sunsbury Twp., Monroe Co., OH-1895 Bartholomew Co., IN) in 1831 in OH married Anna Rebecca (1808 OH-1850 Monroe OH), children Isaac, Andrew, Absolom, Rebecca S., Harvey, Barbara, Hannah Jane, Elias; in 1850 in Ohio, Thomas married Elizabeth Moore (2/16/1824-OH-9/24/1881 Washington, Brown IN), children Eli, Clark, Delila, Pernina A., Francis Marion, Rachel J., Mary Iva, Susan;
▪ Eliza Pittman;
▪ Melissa Pittman;
▪ Richard Pittman;
▪ Andrew Pittman;
▪ Sarah Pittman;
▪ Benjamin Pittman (born about 1825 OH) married Rebecca, child Joshua (6/30/1849 Nodaway MO-4/17/1928 La Junta, Otera CO). Joshua married Alice Sureldia McKinney and had son John Harvey (born 1890 Elk City, Montgomery KS-1963 Independence, Montgomery KS);
▪ Mary Pittman (born 1828 OH) married John Martin 4/29/1869 in Nodaway MO, child Clara (2/1/1861).

#2 John Pittman (listed in Elias Sr.'s will as the first son)

(Born 5/17/1786 Bedford Co. PA - Died 6/28/1870 Canaan Township, Morrow Co., OH). John married Anna Nancy Clark (Born 1/27/1789 - Died 6/9/1865 Canaan Township, Morrow OH). Before 1820 they made the 500 mile trip from PA to Morrow OH, unbroken forest, and cleared the land. Ten Pittman families were farming near each other. Most of these remained in Monroe Co. OH. But in 1839 John's family, including brothers Elias and Joseph, moved their four children to Gilead Twp., Marion Co. OH.
Children of John and Nancy Pittman:
▪ Andrew Jackson Pittman
 (1814 Ayr Twp., Bedford PA-1883 Missouri) who married Lucinda Smith (1825 TN-4/1/1888 Iowa) and had children Elisa, George H., James, John, Jackson, Clark, Charlotte, Henry L. William, Lafayette.
▪ John Pittman Jr.
(Born 3/17/1823 Monroe OH - Died 5/26/1889 Canaan Township, Morrow OH) who married Lydia Rice (1839-7/28/1894) and had these children: Orlando 1859 OH, Franklin 1861 Morrow OH, Mary Luella 1863 OH, James 1866 OH, Alice A. 1872 OH, and Ada 1876 OH who died 11/20/1896 at age 20 in Monroe Co OH (John Pittman Jr's son Franklin married Annie B. Wooldridge 1872 on 12/24/1889. Alice A. Pittman married John C. Fox 1852 on 8/13/1892.);
▪ Solomon Pittman
(Born 7/5/1828 Monroe Co OH - Died 1/20/1874). Solomon and Jane M. Parcell (2/9/1828 Knox OH-4/7/1912 Monroe Co. OH) had these children:
John Washington Pittman (9/12/1852 - 1854 Morrow Co. OH-10/28/1932 Ranfurly, Alberta, Canada) who on 4/15/1875 in Monroe Co OH married Amanda Melvina Price and had children Clark 1890 KS, Carrie Liewellyn 1/18/1893 K), Geraldine 1896, and Myrtle 1898. In 1901 he moved the family to Strathcona, Albert, Canada; he was back in Sunsbury, Monroe OH 1910-1930 census records, but died in Canada in 1932 at age 80.
[Side Note: John and Amanda's Carrie married George Spaulding Carner (10/19/1888 Spink SD-12/7/1949 Creek MI) and had children Shirley Leone Carner (12/19/1909 Viking, Alberta, Canada-1/5/2003 Asheville Buncombe NC), Delbert Lem Carner (12/12/1913 Wayland, Allegan MI-10/18/1993 Marshall, Madison NC who married Jean Hereford born 1917), and Donals Carner (1915 MI). John and Amanda's daughter Carrie and her husband George Carner's daughter Shirley Leone (photo below) married Alan E. O'Donnell (7/17/1904 RI-1949 RI) and had children Christina, Mary and Shirley.]
Children of John Washington Pittman continued...
▪ Andrew C. Pittman (11/15/1853)
▪ Ada Pittman (1856 OH) married Thomas L. Miller
▪ Eva L. Pittman (1858 OH) married Hiram Hart on 5/22/1879 in Monroe Co OH and had a son Milo J. Hart born 1881 OH.
▪ Thomas Jefferson Pittman (8/16/1862 Morrow OH) married Laura Hispher (1869 Caledonia Marion OH) on 12/26/1888 in Monroe Co OH. Their children were Naomi Belle (1/9/1890 OH-11/7/1967 Columbus, Franklin OH) and Evelyn R. (1907). Thomas Jefferson Pittman's bio is featured at http://www.heritagepursuit.com/Marion/History1907/MHP.htm.

Children of John and Nancy Pittman continued...
▪ Clark Pittman (Born 10/18/1830 Monroe OH-4/21/1903 Atchinson Co. KS). He married Mary Dillon (1840 Morrow Co. OH-1964) and had son Franklin. He married Louise Barbara Ellinger (4/30/1849-1925) and had children Ely, Homer, Lillie, Mamie, Marcia and Grace 6/18/1874 KS-3/6/1967 Almeda CA) who married William Mortimer Armour.
▪ Caroline (1835-2/26/1911 Caledonia, Clarison Twp., Marion OH) married Franklin Thomas (1830-1865) and had children Viola (1858) and Charles (1859 Canaan Morrow OH-3/1917 Vinita, Craig OK).

#3 Rebecca Pittman (listed in Elias Sr.'s will as the first daughter)
(Born 2/9/1788 Bedford PA - Died 1847 Morrow OH). In 1806 in Bedford PA, Rebecca married Samuel M. Truax (Born 10/2/1784 Bedford Co. PA - Died 12/30/1863 Mt. Gilead, Morrow OH) and they had ten children:
▪ Elias (Born 6/30/1808 PA-1850 Andrew MO) in 1830 married Elizabeth Truex (1815 VA) and had children Rebecca 1832, Mary 1835, Sarah 1836, Sally 1836, Pacheon 1837 OH, Jackson 1837 MO, Rachel 1839, Stillwell 12/15/1840 Monroe OH, and Elizabeth 1848 MO.
▪ Sarah (7/31/1810 Bedford PA-2/16/1896 Owl Creek OH) who on 12/28/1830 married Amos Mellott (11/30/1808 Belmont OH-3/23/1892 Belmont OH and had children:
   Rachel (3/18/1832-4/19/1851 Owl Creek OH);
   Noah 1832;
   Samuel (10/7/1833 Gilead, Morrow OH-5/11/1911 Robinson, Brown KS) who married Mary E. Iler (12/12/1839 Gilead, Morrow OH-9/4/1931 Robinson, Brown KS) and had children Rosetta E. (1861-1888), Sarah Bethenia (1865-1945), John Clement (1872-1873), Orie Belle (1875-1953), Otis Ames (1875-1959), and Myrtle Edna (1877-1959);
   John 1836;
   Isaac (1838-11/11/1984 Morrow OH);
   Lydia Sally (1839-1896 Noble IN) who married Kincaid Faux (1834 Northumberland PA-1904 Noble IN) and had children Elnora (1865-1943 or 1964-1916?), Joanna "Josie" (1866-1926) and Judson V. (1870-1950);
   Joseph 1841;
   Crawford (11/3/1843 Morrow OH-9/15/1901 Morrow OH) who married Sarah E. Sutherland (3/4/1848 Morrow OH-9/26/1899 Morrow OH) and had children Edward J. (1868-1936), Minnie Isador (1870-1944), Tom Fabies (1872), Tollie Otto (1873-1924), Clyde Amos (1876-1957), Norris Otto (1877-1967), Cuba Blanche (1880-1966), Rose Ella (1882-1958), Willard B. (1886-1968) and Ford D. (1893-1969).
▪ Stilwell (7/1/1812 Bedford OH-2/22/1899 Andrews Co. OH) who on 1/21/1834 married Dorcas Morrison (12/1/1815 Baltimore MD-2/22/1899 Leona, Doniphan KS) and had children:
   Mary Clarinda (5/13/1837 Gilead, Morrow OH) who married Robert L. Morris (1835) and had son Napolean Bonaparte (12/10/1857 Springfield, Conway AK);
   William T. (9/8/1842 Savannah, Andrew MO-8/11/1913 Robinson, Brown KS) who married Jane Cowley (1843 Isle of Man, England-4/23/1907 Robinson, Brown KS) and had children Elmira (12/1871 KS) who married George Morton (1871 KS) and had children George N. 1897 and Almira J 1898;
   Caleb Marion (11/7/1845 Andrew MO-8/31/1909 Robinson, Brown KS) who married Louise E. Fiechter (9/16/1849 Savannah, Andrew MO-11/8/1898 Robinson, Brown KS) and had children Emett Leslie (8/26/1968 Leona, Doniphan KS who died in Wichita KS), Bessie Eurena (7/22/1872 Robinson, Brown KS), and Everett L. (3/31/1879 Robinson, Brown KS-7/23/1951 Vacaville, Solano CA).
   Lucinda (8/12/1848 Savannah, Andrew MO-8/1850 Ontario, Canada);
   Cinderella Ann (8/12/1849 Andrew MO) who married Cary Finley (9/1848 OH) and had children Maud May (2/1872 KS), Nellie V. (2/1875 KS), and Grace (1887);
   Filena Elvira (9/4/1852 Andrew MO-1916 Robinson, Brown KS) who married Columbus R. Martin (7/1844 OH-1914) and had children Tolly S. (1872-1899), Nellie A. (1875-1882), William (1877), Leroy (1881), Ray (1885), Earl (1889), and Frank (1891);
▪ Esther or Hester (7/24/1814 Monroe OH-2/27/1879 Richland Co. OH) married Jesse Truax (7/16/1812 Monroe Co. OH-4/3/1885 OH). Their children were Matilda or Melinda (2/28/1883-11/27/1883), Solomon (1/13/1884 Gilead, Morrow OH-1915 Gilead, Morrow OH), and Johnson (4/19/1846 Gilead, Morrow OH-3/4/1926 St. Joseph, Andrew MO). Johnson Truax married Delilah Kinney (9/30/1851 Gilead, Morrow OH) and had children Artie May (9/28/1870 Gilead, Morrow OH-After 1880); Homer Orrin (2/11/1874 Gilea,d Morrow OH); Ellsworth Benson (6/3/1878 Gilead, Morrow OH-1/13/1908) who married Myrtle Rupe (10/1891 KS) and had children Verta, Jessie Eileen (1899 KS-7/1987 Indiana PA); and Lida Gertrude (4/5/1891).
▪ William (7/7/1816 Bedford PA-5/15/1865 Clark Co. IL) married Jane Lavering (9/6/1826-5/9/1913 Roscoe MO);
▪ Meriam Ruby (born 8/18/1819);
▪ Delilah (born 8/2/1821 OH) married Elias L. Pittman (1820 OH) and had children Perry and and Lydia Jane (4/24/1859 Andrew MO-5/11/1923 Hiawatha, Brown KS) who married Alexander Holt Lambert (12/26/1854 Holt MO-9/8/1934 Hiawatha, Brown KS) and had children Vista C. (1887 KS) and Perry H. (4/28/1892 KS). An unknown William Pittman (1824 OH) resided with them in 1850 Census Nodaway, Andrew MO;
▪ Crawford (born 11/9/1823 OH) on 9/3/1847 in Knox OH married Sarah Gates (1824 PA);
▪ Lavina (born 1/6/1828 OH) who on 2/1/1857 in Richland OH married Nicholas Creswell (1823 Maryland);
▪ Elizabeth Truax (born 4/18/1832 OH, died in KS) married Allen Kelly Mellot (1823 Sunsbury OH, died in KS) and had children William L. ((1859 Congress, Morrow OH), Samuel Hubbard (1860 Congress, Morrow OH), and Cora J. (1865 OH).

#4: Jacob Pittman (listed in Elias Sr.'s will as second son) OUR ANCESTOR will be traced fully on the next page linked below
(Born 4/25/1790 Bedford, PA - Died 2/23/1864 Madison, St. Joseph Co. IN). In about 1809 in OH, Jacob Pittman married Charity ? (Born 1792 PA - Died 1879 Madison Twp., St. Joseph Co. IN). They may have had thirteen children (three known sons and two daughters are named in a later census). Jacob and Charity arrived in St. Joseph County between 1841 and 1850. (Note: Jacob's brother also had a wife Charity who was born in 1800, 8 years younger than Jacob's wife Charity.)

#5: Joseph Pittman (not listed in Elias Sr.'s will, reason unknown)
(Born 1792 Bedford Co. PA - Died 9/4/1854 Elkhart Co. IN). In 1839 in OH, Joseph married Charity Holloway (Born 6/12/1799 PA - Died 6/16/1879 IN). In the 1850 Census, Joseph (58) and Charity (51) resided in Gildead, Morrow OH with their thirteen children (all born in OH):
▪ Anna Pittman;
▪ Perthena Thenny Pittman (1820 OH-1883);
▪ Bethena Pittman (1824 OH);
▪ Maria (1826 OH);
▪ Margaret Pittman (1828 OH);
▪ William Pittman (1829 OH);
▪ Jane Pittman (1833 OH);
▪ Joseph Pittman (1834 OH);
▪ David Pittman (1836 OH);
▪ Nathan Pittman (6/26/1836 OH-1/6/1894) who on 8/28/1866 in Elkhart Co. IN married Catherine Holdereed or Katherine Holdread (5/1/1846 OH-3/3/1926 Marshall Co. IN), photo below with their children Gilbert, Rosella (1874), Ellenora (1878), Emma A. (1880), William C. (1884), and Betha B. (1887).
Nathan Pittman and Catherine Holdereed Pittman
Nathan and Catherine Pittman's children were:
    Gilbert Irven (11/19/1868 Elkhart Co. IN-2/11/1950 Bourbon IN) married Margaret Fishburn (born 1875 Mishawaka IN) on 12/24/1891 in St. Joseph Co. IN. and had children Chloa M. (1892 IN), Chester John (9/6/1894 Marshall Co. IN-9/18/1975 North Liberty, St. Joseph Co. IN), Glenn R. (1900), Grace (1906), Esther (1911), Lloyd I. (1913), Robert C. (1915), and Leroy Gilbert (1915). John Chester Pittman (9/6/1894 Marshall Co. IN-9/18/1975 North Liberty IN) who married Alice Harriett Green (6/6/1894 Marshall Co. IN-10/28/1981 North Liberty IN). John and Alice’s children were Clifford, Doyle, Geraldine, Harold, Iris, Velma, Wayne Glenn (5/4/1926 Plymouth Marshall IN-8/4/1997 Lakeville, St. Joseph IN), and Gilbert L. (10/6/1931-10/11/2007 North Liberty IN) who married Judith I. Wilder (6/24/1941 South Bend, St. Joseph  Co. IN-10/9/2007 N. Liberty, St. Joseph Co. IN), whose obituaries are posted on Ancestry.com) and had sons Jerry L. and Mark A. Pittman and daughter Sherry J. Pittman Crump;
    Nora (1870)
    Joseph F. (1871)
    Rosella May (1874 IN-7/19/1960 St. Joseph Co. IN) married William Baker (4/1867 IN-10/15/1943 St. Joseph Co. IN) and had children Roland Ellsworth (10/4/1893 Lapaz, Marshall Co. IN-12/12/1978 Elkhart, Elkhart Co. IN), Ralph W. (7/1899 IN-1910), Claude E. (11/24/1901 IN-3/7/1967 South Bend, St. Joseph Co. IN), Carl H. (1/18/1904 IN-10/6/1977 South Bend, St. Joseph Co. IN), Ernest G. (4/12/1906 IN-5/26/1981 South Bend, St. Joseph Co. IN), Lester W. (5/14/1912 IN-9/3/1994 South Bend, St. Joseph Co. IN)
    Ellenora (1878) who married Charles Albert on 2/21/1897 in Marshall Co. IN.
    Emma A. (10/1880-1960 Marshall Co. IN)
    William C. (1884-4/15/1937 Marshall Co. IN)
    Bertha B. (1887)

Joseph and Charity Pittman's children continued:
▪ George W. Pittman (1839 Morrow OH-6/25/1913 St. Joseph Co. IN) around 1867 married Aurelia Ward (1847-8/13/1912 St. Joseph Co. IN and had these children: David L. Pittman [(4/19/1896 Locke, Elkhart IN-1961 IN) who on 12/31/1891 in Walkerton married Ida Russell 91871 Marshall Co. IN-19490 and resided in Polk, Marshall Co. IN with children George R., Leroy E., Albert Earl, Marion E., Herman B., Forrest O., Hazel R., Ruth M. and David A.]; Zoella Evelyn Pittman [(1870 Elkhart Co. IN-1906 ND) who in 1888 IN married Frank Gilmer (born 1868 IN) with children Harriet W., Howard G., Harley B., ND]; Lucy Pittman [(1876 Marshall Co. IN-1958 St. Joseph Co. IN) married Will Kasner (1/18/1880 Sutton, Clay Nebraska-1948 Hamilton OH), daughter Helen (born 1911 IN)]; Laura Elsie Pittman [(1879 Marshall Co. IN-1923 St. Joseph Co. IN); Ida M. Pittman (1881 Marshall Co. IN-1901 St. Joseph Co. IN); and Anna E. Pittman [(1883 Marshall Co. IN-1901 St. Joseph Co. IN) married Edward Albin (12/20/1878-6/13/1953) in St. Joseph Co. IN];
▪ Sally Pittman (1842 OH);
▪ Louisa Pittman (1844 OH).
Joseph and Charity Holloway Pittman came with their children to Marshall County in 1851. Joseph was deceased before the 1860 Census when Charity (60) resided with her children David (23), Nathan (22), George W. (20), Perthena (30), Sarah (16), Louisa (14) in German Twp., Marshall Co. IN. In the 1870 Census Charity (70 ) resided in German Twp., Marshall Co IN with her son William (40), Christina (44) either a daughter or William's wife, and William Martin (17), unknown relationship. Charity died in 1879.

#6: William Pittman (Co-Executor of Elias Sr.'s will and his main beneficiary)
(Born 1794 Bedford Co. PA - Died 1850 Nodoway, Andrews Co., MO). First spouse Elizabeth, then married Mercy (Born about 1795). No record of children.

#7: Sarah Jane Pittman (listed in Elias Sr.'s will as the second daughter)
(Born 7/28/1795 Bedford Co. PA - Died 4/7/1875 Elkhart, Elkhart Co. IN). On 1/16/1815 in Monroe OH, Sarah Jane Pittman married her first cousin,  Elias O. Pittman (Born 7/5/1793 Bedford Co., Fulton PA - Died 12/19/1861 Elkhart, Elkhart Co. IN). Elias O. was the son of Obediah Pittman and Bethena Truax. Elias O. and Sarah Jane had a son Eli (Born ? Fulton PA - Died ? Elkhart, Elkhart Co. IN). On 2/26/1846 in Elkhart, Elkhart Co IN, Eli married Mary Truax (Born 3/8/1829 Morrow OH - Died 11/10/1868 Elkhart, Elkhart Co. IN). Eli and Mary Truax Pitman had three children, all born in Elkhart: Sarah E. (1850), John P. (3/3/1851), and David W. Pittman (8/27/1863). On 9/15/1870 in Elkhart, John P. married Magdalena Yoder (Born 5/16/1852 Nappanee - Died 6/27/1921) and had sons William and Frank. (Frank married Pearl Stevicks; children John, Jack, Nettie, Mattie, and Lena Pittman.)
NOTE: Sarah Jane, her husband Elias O. and their son Eli were the first Pittmans to come to Indiana in 1844-1845.

#8: Parnelia Pittman (Pernelia was deceased in 1837 when Elias Sr.'s will was written)
(Born 1797 Bedford Co. PA - Died 1830 Morrow Co. OH) married Elias Rush (Born 1795). No record of children.

#9: Thomas Pittman (Probably 1809 PA-1895 IN) Click here to view Brown County genealogy records:


In the 1850 U.S. Census, Thomas (44) was widowed. His wife Anna Rebecca from Ohio (born about 1808) died in 1/1850 at age 42 of typhoid fever after being ill nine days, along with their 4-month-old son Thomas. The widowed Thomas was living with his eight children, all born in Ohio:
▪ Isaac Pittman (1831 OH-1900 Bartholomew IN) in 1850 in OH married Mary Kelly (born 1835 OH), children Mary Jane, Charles Thomas, Tobitha; in 1832 in OH he married Emily Rush, children Doras and Andrew J.
▪ Andrew Pittman (1883 Monroe OH-1875 OH);
▪ Absalom Pittman (born 9/24/1834 Monroe OH-9/7/1904 Brown Co. IN) married Sarah Jane Wayt (7/14/1837 Monroe OH-1/30/1923 Brown Co. IN), son Andrew Jackson (4/10/1862 OH);
▪ Rebecca Susannah Pittman (2/1837 Monroe OH-11/15/1909 Brown Co. IN) in 1856 married Otha Roberts (6/21/1821 Brooke WV-6/28/1891 Brown Co. IN), children Jemima, George Melvin, Anna, Elmer, Clara Mae, Hugh D., Lucy Bell, Homer C., Lewis;
▪ Harvey Pittman (1839-1885) on 9/3/1864 Brown Co. IN married Jemima Jane Taylor (1843 Smith, Belmont OH-9/20/1915 Brown Co. IN), children Thomas Clinton and Mary A.;
▪ Elias Pittman (1/1843 Sunsbury, Monroe OH-3/1/1936 Bartholomew IN) on 10/26/1864 in Brown Co. IN married Adaline Rush (1846 Monroe OH-1875 Brown Co. IN), children Andrew Jackson, Hannah Jane, Charles Thomas, Henry Isaac.
Elias Pittman obituary Mary Ann Thompson Pittman Obituary
Elias, wife Mary Ann, and daughter Eunice Pittman in photo above

Absalom Pittman InfoAndrew "Jerry" Pittman
William Pittman obituaryGrover Pittman obituary
   Elias Pittman then married Mary Ann Thompson (6 children including daughter Eunice in photo at left with his wife Mary Ann (see note below this section 
   on Elias Pittman House), followed by Amanda S. Harden (5 children)–most in Brown Co. IN;
▪ Twin Barbara Pittman (4/10/1847 Monroe OH-2/13/1926) married a Bowman;
▪ Twin Hannah Pittman (4/10/1847 Monroe OH-1905) married Benton Lazear;
▪ Thomas Pittman (1850 died at 4 mos. of typhoid, along with his mother Anna Rebecca)
Later in 1850 Thomas married Elizabeth Moore (2/16/1824 OH-9/24/1881 Washington, Brown Co. IN) and they had seven more children:
▪ Clark Pittman (7/28/1851 Monroe OH-4/12/1931 Washington, Brown IN) who had six wives and numerous children;
▪ Delila Pittman (3/4/1856 Monroe OH-6/3/1938 Brown IN) on 7/30/1881 in Brown Co IN married Samuel Thompson (5/28/1851-9/24/1902 IN), children Mary Ann, Martha E., George Thomas, Emma Tabitha;
▪ Pernina A. Pittman (3/2/1857 Brown IN-2/24/1935);
▪ Francis Marion Pittman (2/28/1859 Brown IN-1/18/1935);
▪ Rachel J. Pittman (1860 Monroe OH);
▪ Mary Iva Pittman (1/11/1864 Brown IN) who married Elisha Penrose and had son Thomas Cleveland;
▪ Susan Pittman (4/22/1866 Brown IN-2/28/1917 Van Buren, Brown Co. IN) on 4/9/1886 in Brown Co. IN married Augustus Marion Moore (3/16/1862 Van Buren, Brown Co. IN-3/16/1953 Columbus, Bartholemew IN), children Mary Vena, Pearlie Celestial, DeWitt Clinton, Lula Mae, Levi J., Mary V., Courtney Alonzo.

Pioneer Village Museum Homestead #2 in Nashville (Brown County) Indiana - Elias Pittman Farm (no longer in existence).
"As far as can be found, the farm buildings were constructed for Elias and Mary Pittman when they bought the property in 1867. Long time residents still refer to it as the “Pittman Place.” It remained in the family until 1932, with only two owners since. There was a large log cabin, a double log barn, smoke house, chicken house, several wells and other small out-buildings." In 1967 the Elias Pittman farm was in the hands of descendant William Pittman and was the first recipient of the Hoosier Homestead Award, given for the farm operated by the same family for over 100 years. This is documented thoroughly on "Suzie's Ancestry" on Ancestry.com.

Click here to see former photo of Elias Pittman's house. "The scenery drew the first tourists, primarily artists, to Brown County nearly 100 years ago. Traveling by horse and buggy, some bringing tents for shelter, they endured rugged conditions to paint in the beauty of the wooded hills of southern Indiana. Since the early 1900’s, Nashville and Brown County have flourished as an Art Colony. The artists were inspired by Brown County’s majestic hills, valleys, and streams. Log cabins, split rail fences, vibrant flower gardens, and the country folk added to the charm. They called this place “Peaceful Valley.” In the early days, the Pittman Inn was the favorite place for the artists to stay and visit with the other artists and tourists. Unfortunately, the Pittman Inn did not survive to add to our local heritage. The Artists Colony Inn was built in memory of this earlier period of our village." William H. "Bill" Pittman 1869-1913 ran the Pittman Inn and a mineral water spa and a livery service, then a taxi service in the prospering tourist area. (His lineage follows through Absalom Pittman 1834-1904, back to Thomas Pittman 1809-1895, back to Elias Jr. Pittman 1784-1861, back to Elias Sr. Pittman 1765-1839. Elias Jr was therefore brother to our direct ancestor Jacob Pittman 1790-1864 who married Charity (maiden name unknown).

Pittman Inn operated by William H "Bill" Pittman Artist rendering of back of Bill Pittman as he looked at former spot where Inn stood

#10: Charity Pittman was named in Elias Sr.'s will as his third daughter. She was apparently unmarried in 1837 when will was written. Elias Pittman Sr.'s WILL named his third son William Pittman, along with John Forgy, as executors who were required to provide bonds and security in the sum of $400. The court appointed Simeon Brooks, Joseph Vanator and Bartley Findley as appraisers on March 25, 1839, in Congress Twp. in Richmond Co. Ohio. In essence, Elias bequeathed "to my beloved wife Sarah Pittman, in lieu of dower, her support and living, while she live. I give to my oldest son John Pittman the sum of one dollar, to my eldest daughter Rebecca Truex the sum of one dollar, to my second son Jacob Pittman the sum of one dollar, to my second daughter Sarah Pittman one dollar, to my third son William Pittman all my chattles and goods and all the money owed to me by Notes or Book Accounts, also the undivided half of the lot on which I now reside, known by the west half the the South East quarter of Section 30 Township 18 Range 20, also 80 Acres of land known by the East half of the North West quarter of Section 31 Township 18 Range 20, to him the said William Pittman and to his heirs forever. I give my third daughter Charity Pittman the sum of one dollar."

Elias' will showed who owed money to his estate. Included were Absolum Clark, Corttin Skinner, George Van Horn, Jacob Pittman, Elias O. Pittman, John Pittman, John Geiner(s), and Joseph Pittman. Jacob and Elias O. (probably husband of Sarah) contested the will in 1842, but the suit was dismissed by the court. (Marion County Courthouse record)

Elias and Sarah Pittman resided in Salt Lick Twp., Fayette Co. OH in 1820. Elias' son Jacob who married Charity about 1809 resided in Sunsbury Morrow County OH in 1820 according to the 1820 U.S. Census, as did several of Elias Pitman's other children and grandchildren. This is what the environment would have been like in 1820 for Jacob, Charity, and their six unknown daughters:

Sunsbury Township was organized on June 24, 1819. It lies on a high ridge dividing the waters of Captina Creek on the North and Sunfish Creek on the South. The following were among the first settlers of Sunsbury Township: Abner Barrett; John Linn; Citizen Beall; George Stewart; Robert Wilson; John Nelson; George Decker; John Palmer; Elias Pitman; Samuel Mellott; Henry Smith; Samuel Starr; Noah Stewart; Jesse Morris; and the Trembly family. The first settlement was made around 1812 about 3/4 mile South of Beallsville. It is believed that two or three years earlier, the first cabin was built by John Linn and Abner Barrett. The first child born in Sunsbury Township was Joshua Barrett, the son of Abner and Anna Barrett.

The first election was held on John Linn's farm about one mile West of Beallsville in 1819 or 1820. It is said that eleven votes were cast -- ten of the votes being those of John Lin; Caleb Linn; John Nelson; Robert Wilson; Benjamin Truex; Jacob Truex; Abner Barrett; John Wink; Citizen Beall; and George Stewart. The first officers of Sunsbury Township were as follows: John Linn, Clerk; Abner Barrett, Justice of the Peace; David Palmer, Constable; John Linn, Treasurer; Casper Hendershot, Trustee; George Stewart, Trustee; and John Smith, Trustee.

It is believed that William Green built a water grist mill in 1816 on the Piney Fork. In 1820, Henry Balding built a horse-power grist mill. The horses, hitched to a sweep, traveled in a circle giving motion to the mill gearing overhead. The mill was made of round logs with a height of ten or twelve feet, The clapboard roof was held in place by weight poles. It is believed that Joseph Dillie built a water saw mill in 1819. Its location is not known but it is known that the mill was of little service. John Truex built a saw mill on the Piney Fork in 1820.

The first school, about one mile South of Beallsville, was taught by a man named Mr. Rodgers in 1815 with a total of eight scholars. The school was a primitive building. There were seven good, substantial, and comfortable frame school houses in Sunsbury Township on 1880. The school house in Beallsville, however, was made of brick and was two stories high.

Our ancestors moved to northern Indiana over a period of time from 1844-1851, settling in the tri-county area near Nappanee where St. Joseph, Elkhart, and Marshall Counties adjoin. Jacob Pittman Sr., Joseph Pittman and Sarah Jane Pittman (children of Elias Sr. and Sarah Jane Pittman listed below) were the forerunners of the Pittmans in this area.

[SIDE NOTE: Jerry Beehler (son of Clayton and Fern Pittman Beehler), located a tombstone in the Primitive Baptist Cemetery on Co. Rd. 46 north of Nappanee IN and made a note that while most of it was illegible it definitely said "Charity". It was broken off, but was lying next to Joseph's tombstone. Tombstone of Jacob (father of Jacob E.) is in the same or next row a little to the south. He has been back to the cemetery many times but has not been able to relocate the stone with "Charity" on it. There are a bunch of old broken stones piled under a tree.]
Jacob Pittman and charity (last name unknown) from Pennsylvania
had perhaps five or six unknown children and seven known children:
sarah, rebecca, elias J., nancy, joseph elias, william and jacob e.
Jacob Pittman (Born 4/25/1790 Bedford, PA - Died 2/23/1864 Madison, St. Joseph Co. IN). Probably in 1809 PA, Jacob Pittman married Charity (Born about 1792 PA - Died around Jan. or Feb. of 1879 Madison Twp., St. Joseph Co. IN), last name unknown. In January of 1865, Jacob's son Jacob E. became the guardian of Charity, almost a year after Jacob died.

Charity had a dower interest in 80 Acres of land situated in Monroe Co. Ohio, also a dower interest in 240 Acres situation in Marion Co. Ohio, worth about $400. 

[Note: Charity had a sister-in-law also named Charity who was married to Jacob's brother Joseph. And Jacob and his brother Joseph Pittman also had a sister named Charity who was named in Elias Sr.'s will. This always confuses the genealogy research!]
Jacob Pittman tombstone at Primitive Baptist (Trinity Baptist) Cemetery on Co. Rd. 46 north of Nappanee.
Note from Jerry Beehler: The date given in the Primitive Baptist cemetery index
(d. Sep 8, 1886 aged 27 y. 10m. 5 d. on p. 361 on the Elkhart Co. index in the Nappanee Public Library) is incorrect. 
I have examined that stone (row 6 #8) very carefully several times and am convinced it is our Jacob (abt 1790 - 1864). 
It appears to say he died Feb 22, 1864. I have Feb 23, 1864 for his death.
The children of Jacob and Charity Pittman:

Jacob and Charity may have had 12 children (7 daughters, 5 sons).
We know the names of only three sons and one daughter from later census records.
The 1820/1830/1840 U.S. Census only names the head of household and marks the number of males/females in each age category. From that we can infer that the children were born between 1810 and 1836, our patriarch Jacob E. being the last child. Possible birth order (last name still spelled Pitman at the time):

▪ Possibly a first unknown daughter born about 1810 in Sunsbury OH
[SIDE NOTE: In 1850 Census, a Nancy Stukey/Stuckey resided next door to Sarah Pittman, Jacob and Charity's daughter and her husband Samuel and their family with her six children (Emily, Lorenzo, Albert, Jacob and Sylvester) who were fathered by Samuel Pugh. She was unmarried, retained her maiden name Stuckey, and was a housekeeper for Samuel Pugh and his wife Sarah Pittman. Her last name on the 1850 Census is misspelled "Stookey", not Pugh as some records in Ancestry.com would indicate. In 1860 Nancy Jane Stuckey and her six children were living WITH Samuel and Sarah and their children. Nancy may have been ill, for she died after 1860 and her children were dispersed. Samuel died in 1862, so Sarah's family was in disarray also. Nancy Jane may have been another relative of Charity and Abigail. However, I have no proof. ]

SARAH PITTMAN (5/3/1811 Sunsbury OH-3/21/1875): See Notes Below

REBECCA PITTMAN (Born 1813 OH-1851 OH): See Notes Below

▪ Four unknown daughters born between 1810-1820;
▪ One unknown son born between 1821-1830 OH;

ELIAS J. pittman (Born 1821). At age 40 in 1861 a St. Joseph Co. Court inquiry was made into the insanity of Elias J.
 "His age is about 40 years...the mother of the patient is now 66 years of age and has been insane about 40 years past..."
Witnesses were John Pittman, Jacob Pittman, and Dr. Lewis Humphreys.

Nancy Pittman (Born 1830 OH): See Notes Below

Joseph Elias Pittman (Born 1831 OH);

William Pittman (Born 1832 OH);

Jacob E. Pittman 8/14/1836 Belmont Co. OH-7/2/1883 IN)

Sarah married Samuel Pugh (3/7/1804 Belmont Co. OH-1862). Sarah and Samuel's children were:
▪ Clarissa Pugh (no information)
▪ Louisa Pugh (no information)
▪ Melinda Pugh (no information)
▪ Edwin or Edward Pugh (10/8/1830 OH-2/26/1906 Perche, Boone MO) who married A. Martha (1838-1920) and had children Morgan (1857), Darwin (1859), Elizabeth Helen (1861), Levozier (1862-1932), Sarah A. (1866), and Samuel (1867-1899). In the 1870 Census, an Isabella Pugh from OH (age 31) lived next to them in Missouri, along with a Martin and Eugene from Missouri, unidentified Pughs evidently related to Edwin.
▪ Morgan Pew/Pugh (Born 6/3/1832 OH):

[NOTES ON MORGAN: Sarah and Samuel's son Morgan Pew/Pugh married Hannah Hoffsinger (Born 1832) and had son David (Born 1850) on whom I find no record after age 10 in the 1860 U.S. Census. Morgan was wealthy and he and Hannah usually had a young servant residing with them.
Their daughter Elizabeth married Jason D. Hendershot (5/10/1843 Peavine Creek, Belmont Co. OH-12/27/1917 Peavine Creek, Belmont OH) on 9/16/1863 and had eleven children:
-John M. (9/8/1867-12/29/1869)
-Thomas J. (3/12/1869-7/31/1916)
-James Berton (3/10/1871) who first married Maude Mary Hendershot (5/7/1880 Goshen, Belmont Co. OH-3/3/1974 Los Angeles CA) on 8/3/1898 and had children Lundie R. (1902 Belmont Co. OH) and Herbert R. (1907 Belmont Co. OH-11/22/1979 Cambridge, Guernsey OH) who was married at his time of death to an unknown woman; James Berton then married Alice Schnegg (4/13/1898 Monroe OH-12/11/1982 Monroe OH) and had children Inez I. (10/13/1918 Goshen, Belmont Co. OH-5/28/1999 Canton, Stark Co. OH) who married a Paul Lubacher, Helen L. (1922 Goshen, Belmont Co. OH) and Marjorie E. (1923 Goshen, Belmont Co. OH).
-Christopher (10/1872)
-Samuel David (3/21/1873 Peavine Creek, Belmont Co. OH) married Myrta Minnie Perkins (1878-3/17/1921 Peavine Creek, Belmont OH) and had the following children: Samuel (1895), Leona A. (1897-1989), Frederick D. (1898-1907), Carrie B. (1900-1973), Della V. (1901-1981), Elsie M. (1902), Velma O. (1903), Fonda M. (1909-1979), Laura Olive (1908-1994), Hazel (1909), Willard A. (1911-1991), Mona A. (1913), Paul A. (1914), Eldred L. (1918-1934), and Dale E. (1921)
-Hershel Isaac (1/27/1875 Peavine Creek, Belmont Co. OH-10/29/1949 Beallsville, Belmont Co. OH) who married Lottie Schnegg (1881-1968) and had children Lester L. (1907), Chalmer (1912-1982), Ira Jacob (1914), Robert G. (1916-1976), Berdina (1918-1942), Mary Edith (1920),
and Donald H. (1921-1974).
-Xeniphon Francis (10/27/1877 Armstrong Mills, Belmont Co., OH-10/19/1957 Shadyside, Belmont Co. OH) who married Della Keyser (1882-1962) and had children Alfred (1906), Bertha (1907-1997), Edna (1909), Francis E. (1912-1987), Alberta (1914-1986), Albert (1914) and William E. (1923).
-Clark R. (3/12/1880 Peavine Creek, Belmont Co. OH) who married Stella Lulu Crooks (1888) and had children Lewis, Effie (1910), Lovis (1911), Hilda (1912) and Roy (1916).
-Bessie M. (3/22/1882 Peavine Creek, Belmont Co. OH) who married George T. Schnegg (1884-1953) and had children Ernest R. (1910) and Celestia M. (1913).
-Leah L. (9/18/1886 Peavine, Belmont Co. OH-1916 Washington, Belmont Co. OH) married Albert Rock.
-Todd Roger (7/9/1888 Armstrong Mills, Belmont Co. OH-10/23/1973 Caldwell, Noble Co. OH) married Anna Marie Schnegg (1894-1934) and had children Clyde F. (1916-1972), Lowell C. (1919), Gladys Mae (1921) and Grace Marie (1921).]

Sarah and Samuel's children continued:
▪ Gordon Pugh (1835)
▪ Samuel Pugh (7/27/1837 OH-11/13/1905 Caldwell Twp., Appanoose Co. Iowa) who married Dicinda Phillips Baker (1843-1932) and had children Lora C. (1872), Van H. (1876), Venevra H. (1876), Sanford Colman (1878-1962), Lucy S. (1880), David (1882), Blanche (1885).
▪ Rebecca Jane Pugh (1935)
▪ Sarah Ann Pugh (1841 OH-1868 Clayton, Iowa) who married Azariah Hines (1837-1905) and had daughter Emma E. Hines (1861-1949).
▪ Helen Pugh (1842)
▪ Betty Pugh (1847)
▪ Matilda Pugh (1849)
▪ Thomas Jefferson Pugh (1852 OH) who married Susan (1858) and had children Mary B. (1883), Ira R. (1885), Mazella W. (1890), Leah A. (1894), and Carrie Belle (1896-1969).
▪ Lavina E. Pugh (1855)

MORE INFORMATION ON DAUGHTERs Rebecca and nancy pittman:
Jan Oneacre Wilson of NJ contacted us in 2008 with information about REBECCA (1813-1851), a previously unknown daughter of Jacob and Charity!
Rebecca was born in Ohio and married John Pew/Pugh (born 1798).
John Pew/Pugh had two children from a previous marriage (Margaret 1831 and Mahlon 1834). John Pew/Pugh then married Rebecca Pitman (1813-1851), daughter of Jacob and Charity Pitman/Pittman. John and Rebecca's children were Nicanor (born 1837), Harriet (1838), Lavina (1840-1910), Anthony Wayne (1841), Ithamer (1843), Morgan Thomas (1844), Jemima (1845-1895), John J. (1847), and Ursula (1848). In 1850, John Pew/Pugh (51) and Rebecca Pitman Pew/Pugh (37) lived in Washington Twp., Belmond Co., OH, with their children Margaret (19), Mahlon (16), Nicanor (13), Harriett (12), Lavina (11), Anthony Wayne (10), Ithamer (9), Morgan (7), Jemima (5), John (3), and Ursula (2).They were neighbors in 1850 to Charity and her children Nancy, Joseph, and William P. Rebecca died the following year in 1851. John Pugh then married Rebecca's sister Nancy (1830-1863) who was Charity's youngest daughter. Nancy and John Pew/Pugh then had four more children: Jacob (1854 who died young), Hudson Thomas (1856), Clark (1858), and Alonzo (1861). Nancy died two years after Alonzo's birth, in 1863. John Pew/Pugh was apparently widowed three times, and his last two wives were two of Jacob and Charity Pitman/Pittman's daughters who died in 1851 and 1863. This certainly may have contributed to Charity's mental instability.

[*Rebecca's son, Morgan Thomas Pew, may have been named after Rebecca's sister Sarah's husband Morgan Pew Jr. It was Rebecca's son Morgan Pew Jr who witnessed the transfer of guardianship in 1865 of Charity Pittman (his grandmother) to Charity's son, Jacob Pittman (Morgan Pew's uncle). Rebecca was already deceased at that time. That information is noted below in 1860 notes.]
jacob pittman and wife charity (unknown maiden name) traced in u.s. census
Jacob Pitman (20) and Charity (18) are first found in the 1810 Census as newlyweds with no children in Belfast, Bedford PA. Immediate neighbors were Charles Pitman and Jacob Melott.

In the 1820 Census, Jacob (30) and Charity (perhaps 28) were living in Sunsbury, Monroe OH with Rebecca (born 1813), four unknown daughters between ages 1-9 (born between 1811-1820) and one unknown daughter age ten (born about 1810). Charity could not read or write.

In the early 1800s in Monroe Co., government land was plentiful to settlers amid wilderness and almost unbroken forests. Few can realize the hardships endured by the early settlers of the county. Being without mills, they were compelled to resort to grating corn for bread in the early fall and, when too hard for that, to hominy, pounding it in large wooden mortars called "hominy blocks" with iron wedges on the ends of round sticks of wood for a pestle. "Hog and hominy", "johnny cake", wild game, mush, and milk constituted their chief diet. When hand mills were introduced, they were, indeed, a great acquisition but the horse mills were a still greater acquisition. At that time, every farmer had his own flock of sheep and a patch of flax. The wool was carded with hand-cards, spun and woven at home, and made into garments. Nice suits were made of "fulled cloth" and nice gowns for women were made of "pressed flannel". The flax was pulled, spread out in rows on the ground, "rotted", and then "broken and swingled" -- thus preparing it for combing and the "little wheel" as the machine was called on which the flax was spun to distinguish it from the larger machine for spinning wool. It was woven into cloth for table covers, toweling, sheeting, and shirting.

In the 1830 Census in Wayne, Belmont OH, Jacob (40), Charity (perhaps 38), the prior 1820 six daughters are listed: one under age 10, two between ages 10-14, two between ages 15-19 (which would have included Rebecca 17), and one age 20-29. Between 1829-1843, a Jacob Pittman bought and sold land in Ohio (Belmont and Monroe). See sample photo below, which would have become his wife Charity's dower interest.

In the 1840 Census in Adams, Monroe OH, Jacob (50), Charity (perhaps 48), Jacob E. (4), William (7), Joseph (9), two unknown sons between ages 10-19 (born between 1821-1830); unknown daughter age 5-9 (born 1831-1835), Nancy (10), two unknown daughters of the first six in 1820 (ages 20-29, 30-39). Rebecca had left home and married John Pew/Pugh by then.

In the 1850 Census in Washington, Belmont OH, Jacob's wife Charity Pitman (listed in error as 65) is noted as insane, living with their children Nancy (20), Joseph (19), and William (18), next door to daughter Rebecca and her large family with John Pew/Pugh. Neither Charity's husband Jacob nor her son Jacob E. were listed in the household. Jacob (62) and Jacob E. (14) were living together away from the family in Elkhart, Elkhart Co. IN. This is the last record of Jacob and Charity's son William P. Nancy at age 23 married neighbor and brother-in-law John Pew/Pugh (age 55) after her sister Rebecca died the following year in 1851. Jacob and Charity's son Joseph married in 1856 and moved to Iowa.

[Side note: In the 1850 Census, a John Pittman (age 15) was living with Charity's grandson Morgan Pew Jr., who witnessed the agreement giving his uncle Jacob custody of Jacob's mother and Morgan Pew Jr.'s grandmother Charity after Charity's husband Jacob passed away. Perhaps this John was related to Morgan Pew Jr.. No documentation yet, however, of that relationship.]

In the 1860 Census in Madison Twp., St. Joseph Co, IN, after the death of Rebecca in 1851, Nancy marrying Rebecca's widowed husband in 1853, and Joseph marrying in 1856 and moving to Iowa, Jacob (70), and Jacob E. (24), now became the sole caretakers of Charity (68) who is again noted to be insane, cause unknown, in St. Joseph Co. IN (name misspelled Pilman). Charity's husband Jacob died 2/3/1864 at the age of 74 in St. Joseph Co. and is buried in Providence Primitive Baptist Cemetery on Co. Rd. 46 just north of Nappanee, Indiana.

On 1/4/1865 Jacob E. at the age of 25 was "by the Probate Court within the County of Belmont, Ohio, duly appointed Guardian of the Person and Property of Charity Pittman, an insane person aged about 75 years". He was paid $1000 for this obligation. Jacob E.'s father had died on 2/23/1864, so this happened almost a year later. Charity had a dower interest* in 80 Acres of land situated in Monroe Co. Ohio, also a dower interest in 240 Acres situated in Marion Co. Ohio, worth about $400. Jacob E. was married at this time and already had one child and another on the way with his wife Matilda (next section). Two other names listed on this bond were James G. McGaughy and Morgan Pew Jr.

(Both of Jacob and Charity's daughters Sarah and Rebecca married Pews/Pughs and had sons they named Morgan. Rebecca's family lived very close to Charity, and Sarah's family lived a little further distance in the same township. Morgan Pew Sr. was a neighbors in the same township to Charity Pittman when she was living with children Nancy, Joseph and William, in Belmont OH. Morgan Pew was also a neighbor in 1870 to a Ruth Pittman, age 50, who lived with Charity Pittman and her sister Abigail Stuckey, with 15-year-old Isaac Pittman!)

*"Dower Right" refers to an interest in real estate established by state law that is intended to protect a non-title holding spouse. Ohio is one of the few remaining states that still provide for such rights. Under this doctrine, whenever a married person buys real estate in Ohio, the married person's spouse is automatically the recipient of this "dower" interest.
In the 1870 Census in Washington, Belmont OH, Charity (80) is Jacob Pittman's wife, even though her origin is listed as Russia. She is noted as insane, and is living with her sister Abigail Stookey/Stuckey (age 73 who could not write, widow of Jacob Stuckey from NJ), along with an Isaac Pittman (15 OH), farm laborer, as well as a Ruth Pittman (listed as age 50, unknown relationship). Our relative Jim Pittman writes, "In looking at the 1880 Belmont census for Ruth, it appears that she is classed as a widow; and if age is anywhere near accurate she was born in 1806-1810 period, so possibly she was a daughter in-law to Charity." Perhaps Isaac was Ruth's youngest son, but that is just conjecture. Or perhaps she was a younger sister to Charity and Abigail. That is completely inconclusive, though I listed her with them as such on Ancestry.com.

In the 1850 Census, Abigail Stuckey (married to Jacob) listed her origin as Ohio, not Russia as noted on the 1870 Census, and she lived in Sunsbury, Monroe OH, as Jacob and Charity did in 1820. (Jacob and Abigail in 1840 Census in Sunsbury, Monroe OH had one daughter between age 5-9, no other child listed. In the 1830 Census in Sunsbury, Monroe OH, Jacob and Abigail had no children. In the 1820 Census Jacob and Abigail lived in Bedford Co. PA, just newlyweds.) I believe Abigail and Charity were both born and married in Bedford PA. Charity died around 1879, cared for by her son Jacob E. Pittman and wife Matilda at the end, according to Oliver Pittman (Charity's grandson) who remembered her when he was six or seven years old and she lived with his parents Jacob E. and Matilda before her death.

[A Will written 11/21/1865 in Elkhart Co. IN and "received" 1/23/1879 is probably by Charity married to Joseph Pittman, since she also had a son named William who was caring for her in 1870 in Marshall Co IN. Son William was heir and executor, to whom was given all property, real and personal, with provision that he pay all debts and last expenses. The will was witnessed by Charles Mellot and John Irvin. In contrast, Jacob Pittman's son Jacob E. became the appointed guardian of his mother Charity in 1865 after his father died. Charity was taken in by her sister Ruth back in Ohio for a time around 1870, then moved in with Jacob and his wife Matilda in Indiana till her death around 2/1879 at age 87. There is no documentation for her burial site.]

More information on jacob and charity pittman's three known sons:

Joseph elias Pittman
Born 1831 OH, Joseph Elias married Catharine Albin (1837 IN-1915 Pierceville KS) around 1856 in Indiana. They moved around 1858 to Washington, Dallas, Iowa with their children Dwight (8/31/1856 IN-11/22/1922 Pierceville KS) and William S. (born about 1859 IA). Joseph's family continued to reside in Iowa in the 1870 Census: Joseph (39), Catharine (33), Dwight (13) and William S. (5), last name misspelled Petkman! [In the 1900 Census, Dwight had married Annetta Filona Sutherland (5/6/1865 Bureah IL-9/27/1954 Garden City KS) and resided with their ten children in Pierceville, Finney KS (Jessie Ellen, Morris Adolphus, Lettie Edith, Loma Esther, Ida May, Bertha, Elva Susan, Calvin Arthur (his descendants are listed on Ancestry.com under Suzie's Ancestors public Family Tree), Albert Luther, Mahala Eunice). In the 1920 Census they had moved to Ingalls, Gray KS.] I am not sure of Joseph Elias Pittman's date of death or where he died. May have been Kansas, where his wife died.

William Pittman
William Pittman (About 1832 OH). [Side Note: Another Wm Pittman lived in Marshall County with his mother Charity in 1870, but that is the son of Joseph, not to be confused with this William.] No documentation for William after 1850 for certain.

Jacob migrated with his parents from Ohio to Elkhart Co where he first shows up at age 14 living with only his father Jacob in the 1850 Census.

Jacob E. married Matilda Wilson (Born 12/23/1846 St. Joseph Co. IN - Died 3/11/1924 St. Joseph Co. IN) on 8/13/1862 in St. Joseph Co., IN. Matilda Wilson was the daughter of Amos Wilson and Abigail Penrose Wilson. Amos was from Germany, according to a note written by Dessie Truex.

Jacob E. Pittman in the 1870 and 1880 Census had started his family with Matilda Wilson. But Jacob E. Pittman died in 1883 at age 47. His wife Matilda lived until the age of 78 in 1924. They had seven children, listed separately in the next section as we trace our ancestry through Jacob E. and Matilda Wilson Pittman.
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